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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

Bank Mutual Funds

Bank Mutual Funds: there are close to 10 banks or near banks offering a family of funds. Bank Funds are primarily sold through retail banks, all of the big banks in Canada have a keen interest in one of the richest financial sectors. Bank Funds amongst mutual fund managemement companies are vying for the same investment dollar. Typically banks sell retail but are not allowed to do “tied selling” and still control up to 40% of the mutual fund market. Bank Mutual Funds are considerable and should be monitored closely within its bank peer group and more importantly overall in the universe of funds available in Canada. Many clients rely on banks for their convenience and readiness to offer profitable banking and  investment services as a one stop. Mutual Funds are varied today and mutual fund investors at banks may not know how to measure up what they have compared to what all is available.

There are over 85 mutual fund companies and management firms serving up over 4000 mutual fund and investment funds including alternative funds, that kind of robust market says the industry is healthy. Now where to begin, who’s money is it anyway and how does it really perform and what are all the choices and alternatives available. More and more Canadians are more demanding and recently Internet savvy, they simply expect more. Research for this exact type of competition is not made readily available by any one fund company so there is no desire to truly rank, rate and screen top performing funds to choose from. It would be someone or something neutral that would actually create fairly the index or average investor to beat. News Flash! it is a contest and the winners make the most money somehow and they do it regularly and often and they make, save and more capital than others and indexes.

Bank Funds and Bank Mutual Funds online affords the ability to get the information, all the information to compare between bank funds and entire industry funds and the realize the choices between retail bank funds and advisor channel sold funds. Comparing information that is simple, plain and truthful is not hard with Top 10 Mutual Funds in 10 major Asset Classes and 53 Mutual Fund Categories and get to the Top 10 overall money making funds over the last 3 mos. trending and research back with over time with charts and information. Industry Funds – Bank Funds the entire universe of mutual funds in Canada. Top 10 Bank Funds ranked all together and by Family of Funds- Industry Funds overal and independent research. Today the Canadian mutual fund investor is more empowered ever before to actively control their investment returns for better overall performance and communication toward client objectives.


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